TMS : Lost Opportunity Report

  • TMS : Lost Opportunity Report

    TMS : Lost Opportunity Report

    PNG would like to introduce a new feature to our TMS platform: The Lost Opportunity Report.  In the continuous process of improving our technology, we are always bringing new improvements to our customers.  Providing access to pertinent shipping data allows for increased KPI tracking and overall accountability.  The Lost Opportunity Report can be accessed directly through the home page of our website portal.  Essentially this report automatically traces the carrier selected, cost, and transit time for all inbound and outbound shipments scheduled through the PNG TMS platform. Simultaneously this data is being cross referenced with the least cost carrier option and transit time, providing a snapshot of overall potential savings when cost is not the only deciding factor.

    Although savings are typically the most significant deciding factor when selecting a carrier, they aren’t always chosen for a variety of reasons including:

    • Service Issues – Precious damages, undependable pick-ups, delays
    • Least cost carrier not available in the service area
    • Longer transit times
    • Drop trailer on premise that is more convenient
    • Last minute scheduling with limited carrier options to ensure same day pick-up
    • Carrier Embargos/Weather

    The Lost Opportunity Report is also customizable by date range and can be exported to Excel to allow for additional filtering of data. We have found this report to be extremely beneficial in understanding your shipping patterns and identifying potential ways to increase cost savings.  Should you need more information or have suggestions for improvements, please reach out to or call (877) 764-9441 ext 3.

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