At a recent event, Elon Musk unveiled the new Tesla
    electric Semi-truck with the following stats:
    • 0-60 in 5 seconds
    • 0-60 with 80,000 max gross weight in 20
    • 65 up 5 percent grade at max gross
    • 500 mile range at maximum weight and
    highway speed
    • .36 drag coefficient/.65-.70 diesel truck/.38
    Buggati Chiron
    • 4 independent motors and independent suspension
    • 1 Gear – No transmission
    • Center driver position like a race car
    • 400 mile range with 30 minute charge (aka MEGA CHARGE)
    • Charge at origin or destination
    • Auto braking
    • Auto lane keeping
    • Million mile guarantee
    • Regenerative braking (brake pads last forever)
    • Tesla app just like the Model S
    • $1.26 per mile Tesla Semi vs. $1.51 per mile diesel truck
    Tesla says the expected base price in the US for the Semi with a 300-mile range will be $150,000 and
    the base price for the 500-mile model will be $180,000. While the 300-mile Semi would be about $30,000
    more than the upfront cost of a diesel semi, Tesla claims it can offer substantial savings on operating costs,
    such as maintenance and fuel, and that owners will get a two-year payback and “$200,000+ in fuel savings”.
    Tesla has started taking reservations and although these are impressive statistics and claims, the question
    remains open as to when customers will be able to take delivery. Despite that uncertainty, it is reported that
    Walmart has already ordered 15 of the new Tesla semi-trucks and Canadian grocery firm Loblaws has ordered
    25 of them.
    Visit https://www.tesla.com/semi/ for more information.

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