Continued Partnership with the EPA

  • Continued Partnership with the EPA

    In 2014 PNG Logistics Co. LLC entered into a partnership with the EPA SmartWay program and has ranked in the top of all SmartWay providers ever since. In order to rank in the top 15% of SmartWay Providers the bulk of carriers utilized should be existing SmartWay Partners and routes should be planned to minimize our carbon footprint. In addition PNG Worldwide LLC also submitted and was accepted into the Smartway program as an OTI/NVOCC (Ocean Transportation Intermediary/Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier).

    While the SmartWay program was only launched by the EPA in 2004 its membership of carriers and transportation providers has grown significantly over the years and we are honored to play a part in being a “more green company” We suspect as more carriers replace their aging fleets and alternatively fuel sources like LNG are used more and more carriers will qualify and the impact of the thousands upon thousands of trucks on the road everyday will be lessened.

    Prior to becoming a SmartWay partner we didn’t know the specific amount of CO2 that was being released by the freight we hauled, now we can see our progress year over year. It is quite amazing how the technology has advanced that we can track things using the government provided tools. A key benefit of the SmartWay program is an emphasis on reduced fuel cost as well. While fuel prices have dipped recently compared to the last few years this was a large concern when this program was put in place in 2016

    Both PNG Logistics CO. LLC and PNG Worldwide LLC are proud to continue to support this public/private initiative. One key aspect to our success not only as an EPA partner but as a company as a whole is combining the latest in technology with expert human decision making by our season logistics experts who custom route thousand and thousands of shipments every month.

    If you have any specific on the EPA Smartway Program or how we can help reduce your carbon footprint please contact our Sales Department at or 717-626-1107 x 3

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