Volume shipments and how they could reduce your freight costs.

  • Volume shipments and how they could reduce your freight costs.

    What exactly is a volume shipment? We have all heard of the terms less than truck load and truck load. A volume shipment is somewhere in between the two. This generally happens when you have a shipment of 6 pallets or more weighing greater than 5,000 lbs. and taking up more than 12 linear feet of trailer space. Shipping this way can give you more barraging power.
    Moving your freight using a volume shipment is definitely beneficial. This generally results in a lower cost to ship. This method of shipping is very helpful it allows companies to ship larger volumes of product at a lower cost. These type of shipments continue to grow as companies look to reduce freight costs.
    Remember that all volume shipments do not move at the same speed. Some volume quotes can have longer transit times because they only move when capacity is available. The reason it moves only when space is available is why the carrier can give you a price break on the shipment. Not all volume shipments move when capacity is available, some move at regular transit times, however the price break may not be as much. Other volume shipments vary with transit times this is all based off of the lanes and what the carrier deems as a good or bad lane. With all these methods it can be a bit of a trade off but in the end it could save you a lot of money on your freight.
    Some logistics companies may have an automated system giving you a price right away for these shipments but you may be missing out on the full savings. Another thing to consider that volume LTL pricing is much more fluid and carry from week to week. If a carrier is looking for freight to a certain terminal and your freight fits the bill, that week you might get a very aggressive rate. The next week if their capacity looks different that rate might be higher. The best way to take advantage of these opportunities is through the custom routing PNG Logistics Co LLC does every day for our clients.

    At PNGLC our experienced team will take a look at the shipment and look at all possible routing methods/carriers to give you the best route and savings. This may take 5 minutes but in the end it could save you $500-$1,000 on your volume shipment.
    For more information on Volume quotes or if you have any questions please contact sales@pnglc.com or call 717-626-1107 Ext. 3

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