What is an ATA Carnet?

  • What is an ATA Carnet?


    An ATA Carnet, otherwise known as a merchandise passport, is an international customs document that allows the temporary entry of goods, duty and tax free, and is accepted by over 80 countries and territories. Cargo covered and traveling with an ATA Carnet can move between multiple participating counties duty and tax free.

    Carnets ease the temporary importation of commercial samples (not intended for sale), professional equipment, and cargo for exhibitions and fairs. Requirements of an ATA Carnet is that all merchandise must have identifying marks or serial numbers, and goods must return to the country of origin within 1 year. Extensions are normally not permitted, and certain goods must be returned to country of origin within a shorter time period. The ATA Carnet must be presented to customs and validated at the time of export, and the time of importation, normally by the owner of the cargo or an authorized representative.

    The benefits of using an ATA Carnet are the possibility of reducing costs, eliminating duty and taxes including VAT. ATA Carnets simplify the customs procedures; allows the owner of the goods to use a single document for all customs transactions and make customs arrangements in many countries in advance. ATA Carnets also simplify re-entry to the United States.

    It is recommended to provide ample time to obtain a Carnet, however for an extra fee, Carnets can be obtained in a little as 24 hours. Keep in mind, goods can never be added to an ATA Carnet once the cargo has left the origin country.

    For more information on how an ATA Carnet may help ease the customs processing on your qualifying shipments, please contact info@pngworldwide.com or 717-626-1107 X 2.

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