So you are middleman right?

  • So you are middleman right?


    Some times when my sales team first approaches a new client those words are spoken or come across the prospect’s mind. Many distributors, and manufacturers are bombarded with calls from logistics companies with the same request, “Is there anything on your desk I can quote?” I am sure at some point this month you have received a call(or 100 calls) like that.

    Some people feel logistics companies are just middle men and for the most part, they are right!

    The relationship of many logistics companies and their customers is purely transactional. A middle man or freight broker in our eyes is simply a company that buys for x adds a markup and sells the same x providing no value in between. Sadly, there is no short supply of middle men in the industry. The abundance of middle men out there actually is very helpful to our business as our clients realize the value we provide for them right away.

    So how exactly does PNGLC insert value into that equation you might ask. Simply put it’s the combination of people and technology. We use the latest in shipping technology and are constantly upgrading our systems but, we are also backed by a team of friendly logistics experts.

    Unlike most companies, we individually QC (Quality Control) each and every load we move for you. We research what the proper classification is for your product and keep you up to date to the latest trends in the NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification).

    Unlike middle men, our client’s vendors love working with us because we send them the paperwork filled out properly and also handle dispatch. Middle men have made it industry standard to put the burden on the customer.

    PNGLC performs a pre and post audit on each and every shipment we move, meaning we catch mistakes before they end up on your invoice.
    Unlike, middle men PNGLC custom tailors freight programs for any sized business; we work with clients who ship 100’s of shipments a day to ones who may only ship a handful of times a year. All our custom tailored solutions are backed by premier carriers with the lowest claims ratios and highest on time deliveries.

    It is true that our leveraged buying power can save you money over your existing provider even with the same carrier but we also take great pride in the soft dollar savings we can drive outside the standard apples to apples to apples comparison. When a new potential client provides us data we pour over the information finding mistakes middle men leave behind. When it comes to helping a business with its freight needs we don’t believe there is any such thing as too thorough. We provide written and visual reports to show areas of improvement. When we sign up a new account we work even harder to provide ongoing efficiency improvement than we may have uncovered during our exhaustive analysis.

    We see ourselves as much more than a middle man or broker, we see ourselves as a “logistics service provider” with the emphasis on service. We see ourselves as an extension of your traffic department.

    For questions on how to escape middle men and really drive savings and efficiency, contact us at 717-626-1107×3 or email

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