“Staying Power”, Consistency in a Logistics Service Provider.

    The landscape of the current logistics marketplace has changed quite dramatically over the last few years. Carriers are under more pressure to make up for lost revenues/profits during the recession back in 2008. More shipments are being reweighed and reclassified than ever before. 10 years ago maybe 50% of all shipments were inspected today most carriers shoot for the 90% range.  Many regional carriers have gone under or have been absorbed by larger companies. Fuel went from a national average of single digits just 6 years ago and has been at a high near the 40% and recently dipped back down in the 20s%. HOS (Hours of Service) Rules limited the amount of hours a driver can be on the road driving down to 11 hours resulting in shortage of drivers for many carriers.

    From the logistics service providers side, the broker bond requirement was raised from $10,000 dollars to $75,000. The broker bond acts as an insurance for carrier payment in the event they are not paid by the freight broker. PNGLC maintained a bond in excess of the old requirement years before talk was made of raising the bond requirement. Close to 40% of all freight brokers were forced out of the business leaving several shippers scrambling to find reliable vendors.

    Which leads us to the importance of a provider with staying power. PNGLC is a privately held, family owned company. Our growth has been healthy and organic over the last 15 years. We have the highest client retention rates in the industry and have not acquired a single customer through business acquisition or on credit. PNG’s carrier requirements exceed the industry standard in almost every dimension. Our most seasoned operations staff members have been in the industry for over 40 years, through deregulation, re-regulation, and deregulation again.

    As Team Leader for the Sales Team one thing I noticed, that has driven our growth is our customer’s confidence in our staying power, the processes we have in place to ensure smooth billing (through our Pre and Post Audit) and enhanced personalized customer service. Our customers know that whether they have a routine shipment or complicated next day air project, PNGLC will deliver. Our customers know that when we secure pricing for them, we do so accurately in order for them to project and forecast in the future of their businesses.

    We have seen almost every facet of the trucking and logistics industry and have proven that not only can we weather a storm but we can thrive

    While many businesses today are looking for pure growth and an exit strategy, PNGLC is the opposite, we grow organically. We truly believe we are an extension of your traffic dept. and that your success will ultimately lead to our success. We built a business around helping you today, tomorrow, and even next decade. Ask yourself: do you want a transactional broker or do you want a true logistics service provider with “Staying Power”?


    Please contact or call at 717-626-1107 X 3 for any questions on how the company with staying power can help you.

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